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10 things I’d tell my 20-year old self.

1. Focus on being financially independent first, then work towards your long-term goals.
2. You are not fat. Love your body.
3. Learn to enjoy the journey of finding love. Don't rush into marriage.
4. Observe your friendships closely and throw toxic "friends" far away.
5. Dark is beautiful. Don't let society or anyone make you believe otherwise.
6. Most men you will meet will be idiots. Ignore them.
7. Introspect more. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself.
8. Ignore the pretentious 'elitists' around you. The goal is to keep moving forward, not pretend to…

Once upon a time, we believed that the winter holiday season was the most magical season of the year. Even if you were of a different faith or culture, you experienced Christmas movies at cinemas, jingles on TV, carols playing at shopping centers, Christmas trees and decorations around. As a child I remember feeling somewhat mystical, while walking around in wonder at times. Over the years while the seasonal celebrations continued, the magical aspect disappeared. As I transitioned into an adult, disappointment, exhaustion, discouragement, self-doubt took over and celebrations often became obligations, chores and stress. I often wonder if I…

For me, freedom of religion is as important as freedom from religion. While most people understand that their right to practice religion is important, they often don’t understand that someone’s choice and decision to not participate in religion is equally important. For years I listened to their religious teachings and arguments, then decided that I just wanted to be a decent human — one beyond any religion. While I still enjoy and celebrate the art in all religions — mythologies, prophetic stories, spiritual sayings and music, I choose not to subscribe to any one in particular. …

I grew up in a household rooted in the values of feminism. Although the F-word may not have been used that much, I realize that the values instilled in me were those that echoed the values of feminism. Essentially I was taught to root for a kinder and equal world — that was the underlying teaching that was provided to me at home. However, it did not take me long to realize that the world around me was not as such a fair and kind one. My strong and outspoken mother pointed that out to me at a very young…

S B Miz

Deconstructing the unfair and unkind values of society

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